Glioma Mimicking Infarct

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Ikhwanul Hakim Nasution
Audrina Ernes


Backgrounds: Gliomas are one of the most common primary brain tumours. Gliomas may present with imaging that can mimic other primary brain lesions. Objective: To demonstrate the role of radiological imaging (CT scan and MRI) in determining the diagnosis as well as a reference for determining subsequent therapy in patients with primary brain lesions. Case:

This case report describes a 67-year-old male patient with complaints of decreased consciousness and seizures. The patient had a history of headache since 2 months ago and was not accompanied by limb weakness. Discussion: The appearance of low-grade glioma on CT scan gives an image resembling infarction where both give an appearance of hypodense lesions on non-contrast CT and do not enhance on CT with contrast. Therefore, further imaging such as MRI imaging is required. Conclusion: MRI is important modality in assisting the diagnosis of patients with primary brain lesions and can assist in selecting the appropriate treatment.

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Nasution, I. H., & Ernes, A. (2023). Glioma Mimicking Infarct. PRIMER (Prima Medical Journal), 8(2), 30-41.


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